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Foreign Abacus Education believes in ‘fun while learning’. our education system provides effective techniques of learning and understanding. learning should be fun and its our aim to make our students feel the same.

Abacus is an amazing technique that assists students to perform basic arithmetic calculations accurately and quickly. This method activates right as well as left side of the brain and helps students in achieving very high calculation speeds. It helps students to improve their concentration, memory power and enhance their creativity and visualization power.  Arithmetic System is specially designed for children in the 4-14 year age span. Essentially, it is a scientific technique that unveils the infinite potential of the human brain and its effective use.

In the abacus method of mental calculation, the learners manipulate abacus beads in their head to carry out a calculation. recent studies have proven that the abacus method of mental calculation is extremely effective in activating the human brain.

Syllabus with Level

1. Introduction of Abacus & History of Abacus Uses of Abacus, Speed writing, Shopping list, Mental mapping of beads, memory code, Addition of single digits, addition of double digits. Subtraction of single digits, Subtraction of double digits.

2. Addition of double digits. Subtraction of double digits, Capital and country addition of triple digits. Subtraction of triple digits.

3. Addition of triple digits, association of word, Subtraction of triple digits, Multiplication of single digit by single digits.

4. Addition of 6 digit 6 Sense system, Subtraction of 6 digit, multiplication of double digits by double digits.

5. Multiplication of double digits by double digit division of triple digits by double digits.

6. Addition, Calender, Chess, Subtraction multiplication of triple digit by double digits division of four digits by double digits.

7. Addition & Subtraction with decimals, multiplication and division, Calligraphy.

8. Addition & Subtraction of decimal numbers multiplication and division, roots & square roots, books and author system.

The first effect, the improvement of numerical memory, can be demonstrated by asking students to remember three-to-nine –digit numbers, read it aloud and to recite the memorized items orally. Abacus students are found to be superior in the accuracy of their memory and the number of digits they are able to memorize when compared with non-abacus learners of the same age. This is because students place numbers on the abacus image in their head as they mentally calculate with the abacus method. The retention of the numbers is certain if the number of digits does not exceed the limit of the mental images of the abacus. Utilization of the abacus image enables students even to recite the memorized numbers backwards. This is possible because of the application of the procedures used in the abacus method of mental calculation to solving the memorization assignment.

Student can get solutions by memory technique

  • Remember 100 pages of book and magazine by their page no.
  • Problem of recalling first line at the last moment of the exam.
  • Problem of memorizing long theories
  • Problem of forgetting after 1 or 2 days of memorizing
  • Remember an entire book with page number
  • G.K., Events, Name of persons, Appointment Schedules, Telephone Numbers,Yearly & Monthly Calender, Long Theories,Short Definations, Formulas, Questions, Answers, Map & Many more

Calligraphy is referred to as an art of writing beautifully. It is one the technique used by us to improve motor skills and memory retention among our students. It promotes critical thinking in the student’s minds. It has been proven that humans tend to be more creative when they are using their own hands instead of electronic devices. Added bonus of beautiful handwriting boosts confidence amongst the students.

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